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On Victor Ugoo Njoku Blog, you’d read personalised and simplified updates on technology; my journey through self-improvement; my experiences blogging; reviews of movies, apps and a few other things; interviews and profiles of young Nigerian entrepreneurs and entertainers. I hope that you could come here to have fun reads.

Victor Ugoo Njoku BlogVictor Ugoo Njoku

I am Victor Ugoo Njoku, the brain behind victornjoku.com.ng. I studied Mass Communication from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.  I like to think of myself as unfolding. I’m inquisitive and always eager to learn new things. Here, is my life, my world where I share my knowledge and thoughts on things that matter to me. I have very mad interests in business and I love everything entertainment.

My sojourn into blogging began in 2013 with my first blog ugoonjoku.blogspot.com. I ran the blog till 2017 before I took a break. My blog readership was dropping, I knew at that point that I needed to re-strategize and put out something better. This was how this blog was birthed. There was a battle to just remove Blogspot from the initial blog Url, but I was known more as Victor than Ugoo. I’m sure this tells you already that I knew next to nothing about blogging when I began back then. Then the issue of a more generic name, but I wanted something personal, I wanted a blog where I can write about everything that interests me and whatsoever I feel like without having to be confined. A place where I can freely share my self and my thoughts with you. A place where I can make reading fun for you by breaking down to the simplest everything that I write about.

Victor Ugoo Njoku Blog