Diamond Bank’s Chatbot, Ada is Smart

Diamond Bank ADAI’m sure you are wondering if the topic of this post isn’t stating the obvious. A chatbot being AI-powered should be smart. My experiences with chatbots owned by brands in Nigeria, especially those integrated into their websites suggest otherwise.

“I’m yet to chat with a Nigerian chatbot and would gladly want such experience. This is me looking for a recommendation.” This is one of the ending sentences of the article I wrote months ago about chatbots. Though a few searches later, I found out that there were a couple of Nigeria chatbots, but I haven’t exactly had a need for them. Now, working on the last edit of the said article, Diamond Bank introduces Ada, you can imagine how eager I was to chat with her so that I can rid my post off those sentences.

Perhaps I didn’t expect much, but I was pleased when the smart lass proved that she’s prim and proper, reminding me that the ‘conversation will be stored for training and monitoring purposes’. She went ahead to remind me not to release my pin until I needed them to complete any transaction. Diamond Bank certainly does not play with security, their creature would definitely not too.

Diamond Bank ADAThen came her introduction of herself and her enquiring what I’d want her to do for me. Good customer service was all I thought. I replied that I needed airtime and she sent a link providing me with the terms and conditions of using Diamond Bank’s chatbot which I accepted and continued with the transaction.

This is the point I would have said that the rest was ‘Ada-story’ or ‘chat-story’, whichever one sounds nicer, but I read from Techpoint that Ada understands pidgin and was learning Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba as per full grown multi-lingua Nigerian na. I had to try that out and I introduced pidgin to the chat. Ada sent an emoji, this geh can play too much fa. Another pidgin and she replied with another emoji. Is it me she’s doing, I replied with an emoji, Ada dinnor now understand, ifugonu.

Though Ada came after Leo from UBA, Diamond Bank  with the introduction of the chatbot keeps proving itself as the fastest growing Nigeria bank. Though the chat with Ada was businesslike and serious like a conversation with a customer care representative, it was personal and she replies fast.  replies pidgin with emojis, what’s a chat without emoji and pidgin here and there? While, I hope that Diamond Bank grooms her fast in understanding the local languages, I must applaud this and encourage other banks to take queue. Especially with the fact that the apps require more data to use and USSD codes are not entirely reliable.

Ada, who can be reached via Facebook Messenger can help you with transactions such as airtime purchase; payment of bills; transfer of funds within Diamond Banks and stock trading.

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