10 Popular Blogging Myths Held By Nigerians

Blogging was something I started just because Ebuka, my immediate elder brother suggested I should. I had zero knowledge about blogging when I started my first blog and wrote the first post that got 87 hits in less than an hour. Wawuu!!! Nice one, but no comments on the post, the commenters came to WhatsApp and to my Messenger. A few friends gushed about it and I certainly didn’t understand why.

By the time I made my fourth post and that was months later, almost everyone in my class heard that I was a blogger. And one of them came to talk to me about blogging, she claimed to want to start a blog, she had plenty of questions to ask. I answered the much I could, manoeuvring most of them and finding a reason to be excused. Chim o, aunty knew more than I did about blogging and the questions were just exposing my empty blogging knowledge head. Na wa o.

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Thanks for the experience; it helped me know that I needed to understand blogging better. Google was helpful, a few interviews of other bloggers and a few blogging related books. Let’s not forget my own experience. I was able to build my first blog to gain at least 5000 visitors every month. Almost five years down the line, I tell you I have heard people say a lot of things about blogging and bloggers that aren’t true. This post aims to debunk some of the blogging myths held by Nigerians, I’m sure it would be the help a younger blogger could need.

  1. Every Blog Is About Gossip or News at least

This has been one of the hardest to explain to people. My first blog started as a story blog before I explored other niches. Once people heard that I was a blogger, they turned me to Google. Everything that happens, I get calls from people I never knew had my number, some drop by my Whatsapp with tons of questions. As per blogger, I should know everything about the gist especially the ones unreported by the media. The truth is that not every blog is about gist, news or gossip. There are a thousand and one niches out there that one can blog about.

  1. Blogging is a Money Making Machine (MMM)

How kwanu? Once, I asked a classmate why she hasn’t ever visited my blog. Her reply shocked me out of my skin and I later found out she isn’t the only one with such belief. She told me it was because she heard that each time she visits my blog, I make money and the money comes from her. She went ahead to explain that she doesn’t exactly know how her money becomes mine, but she wasn’t ready to lose a dime of her money. It’s a wide belief in Nigeria that bloggers make money from each visit on their blogs, but that’s not true. Bloggers actually make their money from Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Posts, Providing tutorials and training and several other money making avenue the blogger can devise. One can make a lot of money from blogging, but one doesn’t become a money bag by virtue of owning a blog.

  1. Blogging Takes Years to Start Making Money

There is a widely held belief that you have to blog for a very long time to make money from blogging. That’s not exactly true. Yes, you have to put in some efforts, yes you have to work hard at your blog before the money starts flowing. But, it must not take years. It boils down to how quickly the blogger figures out how he or she wants to make the dough and put the right structures in place.

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  1. More Traffic Equals More Money

The money one makes from blogging is not equal to the number of visitors. One can have more blog visitors and make less money from blogging than someone with fewer blog visitors. It boils down to how conversions are made from the visitors. A blogger with 10k monthly visitors could offer free resources on a blog, while someone with 2k monthly visitors sells some services (tutorials, books, training and mentorship) to the fewer readers. It’s about the monetization process of each blog, not the traffic.

  1. There’s Only One Person behind Every Blog

Every blog is not a personal blog to start with. Some of the most popular blogs in Nigeria are run by people who do not even own the blog. Talk about Netng, Bellanaija, Ynaija, 360Nobs, Onobello, Pulseng and I could go on and on.

  1. You Have to Post Everyday

I’m sure you have heard that content is king. But, it’s not about the number of content as it is about the quality of content. Consistency is the key here. If you have readers that expect you to update once a week and you can consistently do that, that’s good enough. Quick Theories, a blog that I’m subscribed to, posts just once in a week and the blog has over ten thousand subscribers. Be consistent and post the number of contents you can afford to in a week.

  1. The Shorter The Post, The Better

Onye kwuru? It doesn’t have to be short for your readers to enjoy it. It’s not some WAEC exam with 350 or 450-words limit. Don’t serve short posts that provide no information in the name of SEO or with the flimsy excuse that people no longer read. If we no longer read, we won’t sit through your three sentences posts. Focus on curating posts that are entertaining, interesting and above all informative.

  1. Set Up a Nice Blog and Readers Would Come

How? Ahia oma anaghi ere onwe ya in 2018. There’s a lot of things calling the attention of everyone online that your well set up blog is the least on their minds. You have to get your blog out. You should have a structure and strategy to sell your ‘markate’, otherwise, your efforts gonna be a ‘wasti’. Biko, for the love of whatever you hold dear, don’t turn people’s social media comment box into a link sharing platform. You could set off the spam alarm.

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  1. It Doesn’t Take Much To Blog

I really would love to say that. But that’s a big lie. First off, blogging isn’t just about writing. Let’s even imagine it is, writing is not a walk in the park. And it seems writing is one of the easiest parts. What about having to do the hustle that comes after writing? The one that involves getting your posts out there for people to read. Then, talk about regularly creating contents that people would want to read. Talk about the research, some bloggers would want to pass on that. Then the technical part of setting the blog up; not every blogger has the money to pay a web designer to design their blogs from the outset. I could go on and on.

  1. Just One Viral Post

Really? That sounds like a musician saying just one hit song or an actor, just one lead role. It takes more than writing a post that mistakenly goes viral or miraculously did. You have to consistently put in the right efforts; grow your craft; curate contents that your readers would want to read and have a money making structure.

I’m sure there are other blogging myths that I have never heard of, I leave it to you to share the ones you have heard.

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