Power Suits : The 80’s Never Left Us

Clothes make the man, naked people have little or no influence on the society. The power suits are back, yes we’re talking power suits. As far as the 1980’s fashion era goes, one of the lasting sartorial symbols from the era is the power suit.

A typical power is characterized by boxy, rigid, big shoulder pads, usually dark in colour with impeccable tailoring. Aside from the looks though, I dare say power suits are made for the purpose of intimidation. All in all, it shows command, success and a presence that makes a statement.

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The re-emergence of the power suits couldn’t have been in a better time. It re-emerged at time of an important cultural movement. At a time when women speak up against sexual harassment and assault. Yeah, it is perhaps more relevant now than ever before.

But, while it’s all fun to reminisce on trends from the past, I’m sure no one wants to end up looking like Jasper from the 80’s (yeah, I  made that up). Hence, I give you a  few tips on how to rock the power suits to achieve a modern feel.

  • First, add enough 2018 to your entire look.  You can achieve this with the latest accessories, opt for a belt or a corset for the ladies.
  • You can skip the classic button-up shirts/blouse and go for an edgy vibe like the graphic tees or you can just make a statement by pairing yours with the protest tees.
  • A bandana around your neck will definitely turn you into a style star.
  • Push your dress up shoes and heels aside and throw on a sneaker.
  • You can experiment with prints instead of the usual plaid and pinstripe options.
  • Throw on a beret or a fez cap even,  to achieve a cool and edgy feel.
  • Crop it like it’s hot!! For the ladies wearing a crop top underneath adds such a sexy feel to your power suit ensemble. 

More power to your suits!!!

This piece is written by Emmanuel Ifegwu, the creative director of Ifeanyi Manuel

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