How To Use Emojis For Business Communication

Emojis for Business CommunicationBiko, raise your hand if you are one of us. Those of us included in the 92 percent of online consumers that use emojis. Tuale, if you are now amongst the 30 percent of the millennials that can’t go a day without using emojis. Before you ask who emojis epp, sha know say that, our engagements with tweets increases by 25.4 percent when they have emojis. And there is 57 percent increased likes and comments on posts with emojis, while the shares increase by 33 percent.

Did I hear you say something? LOL. I personally regard emojis as the world’s only universal language. All over the world, the tears of joy face mean the same. They could be variations in the meaning of other emojis, but emojis remain the closest our world has come to have a universal language that could be understood by almost everyone; regardless of their economic, social, and religious backgrounds. Emojis express thoughts that words may not be able to.

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With the statistics I presented above, it then lies on businesses to see the endless possibilities communicating with emojis can provide. With an emoji, a brand can be transformed from a cold and heartless business to a business with the human interface. We’ll want to deal with humans; we’ll want to deal with businesses and brands that can express themselves in our own languages. That’s one of the possible ways to know we ain’t dealing with robots yet. LOL

Now, before you run off using emojis in all ya business communications, for the love of conversions, consider these:

Understand The Emoji You Use

I’m sure you understand that being misunderstood as a brand could be a disaster. Crisis management is certainly not what you want to get involved with after using an emoji. What is the eggplant emoji doing in that tweet? Like, I’m seriously rolling my eyes right now. Please do not jeopardise your brand by posting an emoji that doesn’t mean what you think it means. This is scary I suppose, but this brings in the need to understand your target. It would help your understanding of how they communicate with emojis. Emojipedia comes to the rescue at this point.

Use Emojis In Mail Subject Line

Before, you send off the newsletter, pause!!! Oya, add an emoji or emojis relevant to your subject in the mail subject line. This would increase open rate by 56 percent cos emojis stand out in a crowded inbox. And most inboxes are crowded. Emojis convey emotions and could increase 75 percent click-through rate. Yeah, you read right. Now, I’m expecting my newsletter. Crowd it with emojis, and it would sure be trashed, instead of being opened.

Don’t Go Overboard

It is not a contest. Why add more (you no dey drink Amstel Malta)? LOL. Don’t go and overdo it. Don’t write an all emoji tweet. We understand emojis no doubt, string plenty of them together, and risk not communicating with us at all. The fewer the emojis are, the better.

Branded Emojis vs Popular Emojis

I do not exactly wish to compare them both. Truth is that branded emojis work real good. It gives brands the opportunity to connect with their audience in a personal way, leading to more sales. It can also serve as an additional source of revenue if the brand chooses to retail a branded emoji keyboard.

On the other hand, popular emojis are easy to recognise. And we already love them from continued usage. So, on every level, avoid obscure emojis. Just use emojis that we can relate to; branded or just any popular emoji.

Use At The Right Time

Time is of the essence when it comes to business. Some emojis are best used in certain seasons. Also, understand the context in which to use emojis and know which particular emoji work in a particular context. There are emojis to avoid when sending a superior a mail but could be used if the same mail is sent to someone who reports to you at work.

Emojis are here to stay. I can’t imagine a chat without emojis, or social media without them. So, why not begin communicating with us in a language, you are sure we understand.

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