Virtual Reality: The Norm Of The Future

If Virtual Reality lives up to its promises, it is your best chance of experiencing all your imaginations from the comfort of your home as though they are real.

Virtual Reality (VR) dominated tech news in 2016. Augmented Reality did too. We would discuss that in subsequent posts. Let’s focus a bit on Virtual Reality. In Nigeria with technology just picking up, it could be hard to find a simplistic way to explain Virtual Reality. Let’s see how far we can go.

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Virtual Reality would be easier understood by game lovers. Though Samsung helped to make Virtual Reality a tad more popular for Nigerians with the Samsung Gear VR. Samsung literally had the Gear VR all over our faces. Pheeeeew, even when many of us cannot afford it. Of course, many of us kept off because we know next to nothing about the technology.

But, VR is one technology that has been there for over 200 years. And it’s still going to be here for a long while. Businesses are trying to figure how best to improve customer service with the help of Virtual Reality. The health industry is making giant strides with VR, and there is much more that can be done. The Military too. Virtual Reality in the education sector is being explored. Entertainment (gaming especially) is one other industry that uses VR. Entertainment no dey ever carry last na.

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Virtual Reality is the creation of an environment presented to us as if it is real. It is the use of technology to create a simulated environment. Virtual Reality is creating a reality that is very close to reality. Merriam-Webster defined virtual as ‘very close to being something without actually being it’. VR brings us this close to the reality we are being exposed to. To achieve this the technology is created to work just like the human senses of touch, sight, taste, feel, and auditory. With VR we get simulated and most times immersed in a ‘reality’ that doesn’t exist as though we are a part of the reality. Imagine watching a movie from your sitting room or in a cinema and having the sensation that the actors are just a touch away from you. 

To be catapulted into ‘near-reality’(a Virtual Reality), all we need is head-mounted display, a computer, smartphone or console that creates the 3D world and some form of input tracking, which could be hand tracking, voice or head. VR allows us to view three-dimensional images, making the images look lifesize.

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Mrs Ezeilo(My JS.3 Fine Art teacher) told us back in Fine Art class that three-dimensional art is art that can be viewed from all sides. She added that three-dimensional art is art that feels confident in its beauty that it keeps screaming, ‘watch me, I am bobo’. I wish this helps. Think of VR as the technology that allows you feel all the beauty, and all the thrills of an environment or a ‘reality’ you experience, just as someone who is in that environment or ‘reality’ would feel it. Think of VR as a 3D environment that we can explore and interact with. Think VR as the norm of tomorrow.


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