How To Save Data On Facebook

Conserving data is one thing that almost every Nigerian wants to do. Especially, because the cost of data is exorbitant. So much that even though all of us wishes to be online, not all of us manages to be. Free Facebook seems to be an interesting solution to the plenty data spent on Facebook.

What’s Facebook without pictures and videos? A lot of us would pass on such rare opportunities (pun intended). This still leaves us wanting to conserve data while on the most used social media platform. 

Fortunately for us, there are a few things to do to save data on Facebook while using the mobile app. It’s just some changes to your mobile app settings and we are good to go. Let’s see how.


Facebook data saver


This should be the first step to take if you are looking to save data while on Facebook. If you upload plenty pictures and videos on Facebook, then chances are that is the cause of your data woes. Again, video autoplay can consume data. And could be annoying considering that we end up watching videos that doesn’t even matter to us. To curb the unnecessary data consumption, do the following :

  • Tap on the hamburger menu on the right hand side of your Facebook mobile app.
  • Scroll down to App Settings.
  • Tap on App Settings, then you’ll see a list of toggle features. Untoggle the ‘Upload photos in HD’; ‘Upload videos in HD’ and toggle ‘Watch some videos without using mobile data’.
  • Tap on ‘Auto-play’ to disable Facebook video auto-play feature. You can choose to allow auto-play when using WiFi.

Facebook data saver


Facebook on Android has a built-in data saver mode. This feature reduces photo sizes and turns off auto-play. You can access this setting if you :

  • Tap on the hamburger menu on the right hand side of your Facebook mobile app.
  • Scroll down to Data Saver.
  • Tap on Data Saver and you will get a toggle feature to turn Data Saver on or off.
  • The Data Saver mode allows you to choose if Data Saver should be automatically turned off when connected to WiFi.

When you turn Data Saver of, Upload photos and videos in HD settings in the app settings remain untouched. This means that if you didn’t switch those off, they will appear to be left on despite having your Data Saver on.

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Facebook lite becomes an option if you really want to save data. And if you want to Facebook frustratingly (hope you didn’t read that 😷). Facebook Lite is a slimmed down version of the Facebook app. Facebook Lite is designed to give users a better and faster experience on slow mobile network. I can’t get myself to use it cos it doesn’t offer enough speed. But, if it works for you, so be it. By the way, Facebook Lite is only available to android users for now. Go to play store and check out Facebook Lite, read the reviews and see if it meets your needs.

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Most suggestions in this post works for android users. There’s a slight difference, when it comes to saving data on iPhones and Android.

Share with us how you save data on the most used social media app.

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