How To Scan Documents To Your Dropbox Using Your Android Device

It’s no news that you scan documents with your android phone. Dropbox is one of the many apps that make this easier. With Dropbox you can save the scanned document as PDF or JPEG. This feature was initially only available to iOS devices. This feature makes working on the go more efficient and perhaps exciting (come on you’d be snapping away, not selfies sha)

Scan Documents to Dropbox

To be able to scan to your Dropbox, you’d need to have the latest version of Dropbox on your android device and be signed into your Dropbox account.

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Open your Dropbox app and tap the + button. From the resulting menu, tap scan document. If this is your first time attempting to scan with Dropbox, you will be asked to allow the app access to the camera and your files. Do this to allow the scanning work. This will open the scanner. Focus the screen on the subject and hold the device still. You will see a blue square hop about the screen attempting to focus on the area to be scanned.

Scan Documents Dropbox 2

You can snap once the blue lines are square. This is important as it can affect the perspective and legibility of the image.

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After you have captured the image, you can adjust, rotate, or arrange the image or even add a new page to the scan. Always tap the adjust button, so you can adjust the area that should be saved for the scan and then to choose your desired colour from the available colours – B&W, Whiteboard and Original. Once you have gotten the scan that meets your needs, tap the checkmark. This will bring you back to the preview window. Tap the right-pointing arrow. This opens to the page where you can rename your scan and choose to save as PDF or JPEG. Tap the checkmark to save.

Scan Documents Dropbox

You can now access the scan on any Dropbox installed device. You can share the scan for collaboration or work on it much later.

I prefer Dropbox over all the other android apps that can be used to scan documents.

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