Top 6 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Do you feel overworked as an entrepreneur? Are they tasks that you can’t wrap your head around? Probably, the task takes much of your time. Do you feel the need to delegate some of your works to achieve better results? Are you considering hiring a staff for your admin needs? That would be a lot of money, you think. Doing interviews, paying an HR person, training the staff and all could be much expenses and you know it. How do you then grow your business with a focus on your expertise? You need a Virtual Assistant!

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Who is a Virtual Assistant?

“A virtual assistant (VA) is an administrative professional who provides diverse services to clients while working at a location outside the clients’ office.” 

Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant is a saviour you need for your startup or SME. They wouldn’t charge you as much and would deliver better than you may expect. Especially, if you hire a great one. A virtual assistant (VA) is an administrative professional who provides diverse services to clients while working at a location outside the clients’ office. See a VA as a personal assistant who works remotely. Or an admin staff who can work from anywhere. The services a virtual assistant can offer includes(but not limited to): email and calendar management; research; social media management; cold calls; customer service; data entry and management; contact building; scheduling appointments.

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Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

“It is estimated that hiring a virtual assistant instead of a full time employee will save you about 78% in operating cost per year.” 

Virtual Assistant

  1.  To Save Time: Time is money. Every entrepreneur keen on growing, must learn to appreciate time and timing. The process of hiring a virtual assistant may not be an easy one. But, once you hire the right VA, you’d be saving yourself some time. It could be time to relax and unwind. It could be time to do more work. The virtual assistant would take your worries of answering emails and fixing appointments and all the possible tasks you would give him or her. Just so you can focus on what you can do best.
  2. Saves Costs: As an SME or a startup, you may not have all the money to throw around. Granted your business is growing and you can’t handle it all. Hiring an employee could seem great. But, how much tasks do you really have for the staff? Do you have enough physical space to accommodate the staff? Are you ready for the stress of recruitment and the training that follows? What of the other employee benefits like health insurance? With a virtual assistant, you most likely would pay on an hourly rate. And you would pay for just the time he or she worked. It is estimated that hiring a virtual assistant instead of a full time employee will save you about 78% in operating cost per year. And I am sure you’d want to save and still get value for your money.
  3. Finish Unfamiliar Tasks: You may be business savvy. You may know all the figures, but some tasks could frustrate you beyond words. Or you may not even know how to go about such tasks. Let’s take cold calls or social media management for instance, it is about the most challenging thing you could do to grow your business. There are virtual assistants who specialise in those and would bring you results.
  4. Improve Efficiency: Virtual assistants are professionals. They understand that you pay if they deliver. They also need your referrals. As such, they always strive to produce results. Some VAs charge on percentages from the results they produce. Some do this, in addition to the hourly rates. When you have a full time employee, you have to pay them monthly, results or not. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if they just come to work and burn your data on social media because they have nothing else to do.
  5. Add Business Flexibility: In 2018, your customers and clients want to reach you 24/7. They don’t even pause to consider if you have to swim through seven seas; and climb seven mountains to make that happen. Therefore, you have to deliver, or lose prospects to your competitors. Virtual assistants make this happen. They help you with your customer services – replying those emails and taking the calls that come in at ungodly hours. They keep your social media platforms active all day long. A full time customer service representative may not be able to do this. Not when they have to catch some sleep and rest well for the next day’s work.
  6. Preserve Your Sanity: I am sure you must have heard that you need to give your all to grow your business. I am also sure that you are familiar with the cliché, “all work and no play…” Feel free to insert your name and complete it. A virtual assistant saves you from entrepreneurial burnout. You actually don’t need to hang your social life on the thread. You don’t have to sit through making the blog posts, running the social media platforms and doing all the admin works. Not when you can hire a VA that would lift some of the workloads. You get more done and still preserve your sanity.

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Have you hired a virtual assistant before? What were your reasons? Are you looking at hiring a virtual assistant? Be sure, that I can help you with that.

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