10 Reasons Your Business Should be on Jiji.ng by Ebuka Njoku

Did you know that the Nigeria e-commerce industry is worth over 13Billion dollars [N4.7 Trillion] and is estimated to grow to 50billion dollars [N15.45 Trillion] in the next ten years? Reports also have it that about 83 per cent of Nigeria internet users shops online. That’s to tell you how much online shopping on Jiji.ng and other platforms is changing the face of business in Nigeria.


This development makes opening online retail platforms and market-places a trend in Nigeria. Many tech companies make money off business owners’ need to sell their products online by giving them selling platforms that can’t offer what has been promised. As a business person, one mistake to avoid is, putting your products in such platforms where they can’t be seen; where no one can demand them.


The questions become, “Where is the best place to market your products?” “Which online market-place can give your products the greatest visibility?” The answer is a four lettered word – Jiji. Below are the ten reasons why it’s Jiji.ng.

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10 Reasons Your Business Should Be On Jiji.ng


  1. The Bigger The Better: Jiji.ng isn’t just the biggest online marketplace in Nigeria, it’s the fastest growing. With over 200 thousand sellers and over 10 million monthly buyers; the Jiji app has become among the most downloaded and used apps in Nigeria.
  2. Focus on Sellers: Most of the big online market-places in Nigeria were first of all online retailers. They don’t give sellers on their platform the level of undivided attention and care Jiji.ng gives their sellers. Jiji.ng is strictly an online marketplace that gives sellers the opportunity to grow without competing with them. Jiji.ng also has a great technical team that checks the sellers on their platform every now and then – blocking any seller that is fraudulent. This adds to making it one of the safest places to buy and sell.
  3. Usability: Jiji.ng is so easy to use; a ten-year-old can navigate Jiji effectively. Anyone who can use social media can use Jiji. And you can post your ads in just 6 easy steps.
  4. Wider Categories: Although some products are more popular than the others on Jiji.ng due to higher demands, Jiji covers everyone. Whatever your business is – art, electronics, building materials, cars, fashion – name it! Jiji got your back. Aside from selling of goods, Jiji also offers you the opportunity to advertise your services. So artists, programmers, web designers, language instructors, veterinary doctors, technicians of all kinds and anyone with a service to offer has a spot on Jiji. A spot where people can actually see you and demand for your goods or services.
  5. Affordable Premium Services: Although being on Jiji.ng is free, for greater visibility (like social media platforms and other online marketplaces); Jiji offers you the opportunity to gain more visibility. The offer starts from as low as two thousand Naira (₦2000) top ads. So, you have every reason to give your products the boosts they need. Guess what? Subscribing for those services is as easy as ABC!
  6. Customer Support: Jiji.ng has hundreds of field sales agents and a great customer service team that’d help you maximize the benefits Jiji offers you. All you have to do is “holla” and someone would be there for you – at any second of the day.
  7. Check and Balance: You know how you see the number of likes your social media posts get? Jiji.ng gives you full statistics of your ads and page visitors. So, you can always tell how well your products are doing on Jiji.
  8. Ease of Download: For all the benefits you get from using Jiji.ng, the app is just about 12 MB on Android phones. So, having the Jiji app doesn’t stop you from having other cool apps on your phone.
  9. The Future: Ever since the inception of e-commerce, the rate at which people make business transactions online increases annually. Lately, it’s not safe to just have a physical shop. Having a great visibility online is gradually becoming more important than having a physical shop. So, until your product is online, you’re living in the past. Jiji.ng is not just the platform for today’s business. It’s a platform that guarantees the future of your business. A platform that helps you stay ahead of your competitors by giving you a great online presence at a spot where people shop regularly.
  10. Delivery: The greatest issue people have with doing business online is timely delivery. Jiji.ng recently launched a delivery system on her platform. So you no longer have to worry yourself over the delivery of your products to your clients. With just a few clicks and a token, Jiji will do your delivery. You can be guaranteed of safe delivery to wherever you want it.

To assist you set up and/or run your business account on Jiji.ng or to make enquiries on how to boost your business on Jiji.ng, contact Ebuka on ebukanjoku@gmail.com Or 09071638259

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