Jollof Rice

5 Tips to Make Yummy Jollof Rice by Chef Daniel

I can’t even imagine how many times an average Nigerian eats jollof rice in their lifetime. Lol. Come on, there’s no Nigeria party without Nigeria jollof. Shioor.

Jollof Rice

An exceptional and tasty smoky jollof rice requires a few tips to make it what it is. I will be sharing a few tips with you today. So let’s get to it (winks)

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1. Never Use a Non-Stick Pot

The Nigeria jollof rice gets its distinct taste from the little burning it undergoes while cooking. So, why ruin your jollof by cooking with a non-stick pot? Use your regular pot and let it burn (burn, baby burn. Lol)

2. Use Your Puree

Tomato puree is IMPORTANT for the taste and the signature deep orange colour of our jollof rice. So, use it. Basically, your jollof base (stew for the jollof) should have more tomato puree than the fresh tomatoes. And, it should be added after frying the blended tomato and pepper mix in hot oil.

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3. Stop Boiling Your Rice

You seriously do not want to end up with a soggy or tasteless jollof rice. Cook your jollof in its own steam and use equal parts rice and water or stock. You can use a foil to cover the pot and cook on low heat so the rice can cook in its own steam.

Jollof Rice

4. Add Onions

I know some of you are like “I don’t like an onion”. Really? Don’t skip the onions in your jollof rice. Remember, the jollof rice you tasted that day, that one you can’t stop talking about? Ehe, that one you said is so sweet and all. The secret is onions. So, use onions and make yours even better than that.

5. Parboil Your Rice

This is actually a personal preference for my jollof. But, I have also come to love my jollof rice more when I parboiled the rice before cooking it in its steam. Parboiling removes excess starch that sometimes makes your rice gummy.

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Lastly, here are my sure banker ingredients for my Nigeria jollof:

Tomato puree
Long grain rice
Knorr chicken seasoning cubes

So get into the kitchen lovelies and make that awesome Nigeria jollof you have been wanting to make and please do send your reviews.

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