Made in Nigeria Products: Entrepreneurs Talk Experience with Customers

Just like every other part of the world, there has been an increase in the number of entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Entrepreneurs who discover new markets or try to enter already existing markets. One thing disturbs these entrepreneurs, Nigerians perception of the Made in Nigeria products.


This doesn’t undermine the challenges from the poor and irregular power supply; poor road network and other challenges one faces doing business in Nigeria. But, what happens when the products are ready? Are people willing to buy? Aren’t people scared of getting inferior products? Or brands reneging on their promises? The Made in Nigeria products are largely perceived as inferior.

To a lot of people, once a product is Made in Nigeria, then, there is a problem. But, this is far from the truth. For years, some Nigeria brands have been able to satisfy their customers. Regardless, of this perception.

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For someone who interviews entrepreneurs, I get asked how much I can trust some of these Nigeria brands and Made in Nigeria products. So, I made it a point to always ask these entrepreneurs how people’s perception of Made in Nigeria products affects their brands. And then, what could be done to change people’s perception. And, that’s asides me trying to offer testimonials.

From the interviews I have done recently, I collate some of the entrepreneur’s answers to the questions above. If you are an entrepreneur reading this, feel free to share your own experience with your target customers in the comments section. And as a buyer, share your experience with Nigeria brands and Made in Nigeria products.

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Below, are some of the answers to the question, “How does people’s perception of the Made in Nigeria products affect your brand?”

Pad-Up Creations Reusable Sanitary Pads

“Yes! But frankly speaking, people have not had issues buying our products because it’s the pioneer and substitutes do not exist. We have made our products better than what you will seek to buy outside Nigeria. In terms of quality, quantity and price.” Olivia Onyemaobi, CEO, Pad-up Creations, a Nigeria brand that produces reusable sanitary wares.

Mad in Nigeria
ZTEA Zobo Teabags

“Not bad at all. Made in Nigeria doesn’t automatically translate to bad or poor quality. People just want value for their money. ZTEA bears the proudly Nigerian logo. Yet, most people find it hard to believe it’s a Made in Nigeria brand. If you do a good job and market it to the right audience, your product will be well appreciated. For instance, look at our fashion industry, I think it’s doing awesomely well. Most celebs and even the Abuja big men are now adorning Nigerian labels with so much pride.” Phranklin Alli, CEO, ZTEA, makers of the zobo Teabags.

Made in Nigeria
Teds Bespoke’s Sunset in Moscow Collection

“Well, a lot of Nigerians still believe that Made in Nigeria products are not good enough. So, sometimes, I still need to persuade and encourage prospective clients to give Made in Nigeria products a shot. In my own case, I simply encourage them to go Bespoke.” Simi Teds, Creative Director, Teds Bespoke, a fast-rising fashion brand.

Made in Nigeria
Charles Lifestyle Shoes

“Yes, sometimes this creates a big problem in the sense that they seem to devalue the products, and hence underprice them. Even before they get to know what you have to offer. Made In Nigeria to them connotes poor quality, but I intend to change that ideology.” Charles Okafor, CEO, Charles Lifestyle, a 21yo shoemaker.

Made in Nigeria
The Footwear Academy Shoes

“When we started, customers refused to make down payment or pay before delivery for their shoes. They wanted to be sure we could deliver on our brand promise.” Chidinma Miriamjess Chukwuemeka, the co-founder, The Footwear Academy, a Shoemaking academy and a shoe brand.

To the question, “How can the people’s perception of Made in Nigeria brands be changed?”; these are some of the answers.

“Correcting this impression should be a collective effort because it is like an infection. Where we believe that white is better than black. We cannot continue saying negative things about Nigeria and expect Nigeria to be better. I think everyone can be the best in what they do and that can also be a better conviction without much marketing and advertising. A good product they say sells itself.” Olivia Onyemaobi

“A lot of campaigns are already going into changing the mindset. Most importantly – Businesses in Nigeria should focus on delivering high-quality service and satisfying the customer every time.” Chidinma Miriamjess Chukwuemeka

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“I think like entrepreneurs, we should keep doing our best, proving them wrong. Work on packaging, people value products with good package and then improve quality too.” Ogechukwu Marycynthia, CEO, Mary Cynthia’s Concept, an organic skincare brand.

What do you say? What is your perception of Nigeria brands and Made in Nigeria products? What experiences have you had selling your products as a Nigerian brand? Share with us.

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4 thoughts to “Made in Nigeria Products: Entrepreneurs Talk Experience with Customers”

  1. Although the 21st century entrepreneurs are changing the narratives…. About the perceptions people have towards Nigerian made product!!

    It all balls down to how well the entrepreneur packages and brands his product to sell the feeling of ensuring that Nigerians are buying a product of good quality. …

    From my experience with some clients, I think Nigerians now look at the cost of purchasing a made in naija product…

    I get this a lot from a lot of prospect who slide into my store link to make enquiries and you get to see people bargain for a footwear of 15k for less the price of production..Hence the reason why some make inferior products for clients..

    But I for one ,,,ain’t after making sales per se but …we are committed to offering you quality goods for your money’s worth…

    1. That’s a great perspective Ndeez Afrique Creation. At the end of the day, everyone wants a fair price and some value for their money. But, a good brand won’t have to make inferior products just to satisfy the yearning of certain customers.

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