Buki Adeleke Craved Ewa Aganyin while Pregnant, Started Kendriz Foods

Ewa Aganyin is a popular and common food among the Yorubas. Kendriz Foods makes the Aganyin sauce for eating ewa (beans) readily available for use at any time and at a very affordable price.

Kendriz Foods

Kendriz Foods Ltd, the food processing and packaging company with specific interests in sauces and spices started operations in 2017. Asides from the Aganyin sauce which is their flagship product, Kendriz Foods also produces the following spices: Peppersoup spice; Yaji spice; Kendriz Chilli powder; Cameroon pepper; Crushed crayfish; Sun-dried Effirin leaves and other spices set to be launched.


Kendriz Foods
Buki Adeleke

Kendriz Foods was started following Buki Adeleke(CEO Kendriz Foods)’ craving for Ewa Aganyin while she was pregnant. Now, she is making money from her business offering delivery services to customers within and outside Lagos.

These local spices and sauce made by Kendriz Foods are 100 per cent natural with zero additives. There are affordable and retains the same flavour you can get from the markets. I will encourage you to check on Kendriz Foods on IG and place your order before settling to read this. And you may just receive your order by the time you are done.

Kendriz Foods

In this exclusive interview, we discussed Kendriz Foods and how the journey began; the challenges of running Kendriz Foods; and a few other things. Do read.


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VUN: Talk about yourself and how you started Kendriz Foods.

Buki: I’m Buki Adeleke, a wife, a mum and a goal getter. I love cooking and travelling. I started Kendriz Foods Ltd in 2017, with our pioneer product “Kendriz Aganyin Sauce”. The inspiration for the business is my daughter, I had a very strong craving for “Ewa Aganyin” while pregnant with her. So, my journey to researching the recipe started. It took a while, but we are here.

VUN: What is Kendriz Foods about?

Buki: We are a food processing and packaging company with specific interests in sauces and spices. Our vision is to be the preferred choice for affordable, yet healthy and hygienically processed sauces and spices. Our mission is to be the preferred choice in an average Nigerian home, and the diaspora.

Kendriz Foods

VUN: What inspired you to go into producing spices and sauces?

Buki: Our interest has always been sauces and spices from the outset. However, we needed to gain customers’ trust through our flagship product “Aganyin Sauce”. However, based on our customers’ feedbacks and incessant request for spices, we were inspired to go into our spices range and the reception from the launch has been quite impressive and encouraging.

VUN: Your target market?

Buki: At-large, anybody that eats! But, to break it down, the average Nigerian woman who wants convenient food spices and sauces to save time.

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VUN: This is a new market and I’m sure members of the target market may have their reservations or some misconceptions about Kendriz Foods’ spices and sauces, what are some of these misconceptions and how do they affect your business?

Buki: When we first started out, it was initially challenging to convince them of the authenticity of our flagship product “Aganyin sauce”, as our customers wanted to be sure that they get value and better satisfaction compared to the usual one they find on the streets in terms of taste and aroma.

However, we have been able to confidently convince our targets over time and also built their trust via their constant positive reviews of those who have tried our products. For the spices, we really didn’t have many issues.

Kendriz Foods

VUN: What other challenges do you face doing business in Nigeria?

Buki: Like every other business, it’s funding. I run the business basically with my funds and massive support from my husband. Another challenge is manpower, getting the right people who truly share our passion to work for us.

VUN: What have you learnt from running Kendriz Foods that you wish you knew before you started?

Buki: I don’t think there is anything I can think of at the moment.

Kendriz Foods

VUN: A lot of female entrepreneurs identify as feminist, do you also identify?

Buki: I think why people say that is the resilience a woman has to succeed in whatever field she chooses. Female entrepreneurs are risk takers, they are super humans, I dare say. You have your own values, your standards of doing things, and also expect people you deal with to share the same, so if they don’t go in tune with your rules, they tag you a feminist!

VUN: What does feminism mean to you?

Buki: Simply put, it’s a movement for equality and mutual respect.

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VUN: What is the shelf life of the spices you produce?

Buki: Our Aganyin Sauce has a shelf life of six months without reheating or refrigerating, while our spices is a year. All our products have ZERO additives or preservatives in it.

VUN: How do you ensure that the spices are well preserved and yet healthy?

Buki: Our products, not just the spices are packaged fresh after production, with sterile non-toxic food grade PET bottles and then tamper proofed for quality assurance.

VUN: Plans for 2019.

Buki: We plan to get our products on the shelves of chain stores in the first quarter of 2019, and also improve on our products’ packaging. We also intend launching some new products as well.

VUN: Advice to other budding entrepreneurs.

Buki: The journey of entrepreneurship is not an easy one, as there will be days when nothing will work, but in enduring and enjoying the journey, in time, with persistence and hard work they will surely get to their destination.

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