7 Tips You Need During Harmattan

It’s that time of the year that I hate most – harmattan. But we need the harmattan as much as we need the rainy seasons. Talk about balance.


During the harmattan period, the morning is always cold and chilly; everywhere is full of dust; people with cracked lips and dry skin are easy to spot, and people are more prone to dealing with catarrh and having dry throats. Exactly what does one like about harmattan?

As you can tell, this is some people’s favourite time of the year. Give or take, we must live through harmattan. To do that we have to be as prepared as possible to make the period less uncomfortable for us. And just so we can enjoy the Christmas season. *wipes the dust off my shirt* Below are 7 tips you need to survive the harmattan season.

1. Get Sweatshirts:

For people in Lagos, who are most likely to be leaving the house as early as 5 am, not having a sweatshirt to throw on during the harmattan is a risk. Harmattan mornings are always cold and chilly, the kind of cold that can enter body like Burna’s gbedu. Exposing yourself to this cold is a risk to yourself. So, pull out the sweatshirt from the “extreme end” of your wardrobe. Wash it or sun it, just have it handy. And wear it before stepping out for the early morning rush hour. Feel free to pull whenever the weather gets hot. But never ever forget it in your office, you need it for the next day too.

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2. Moisturise:

To all the boys who do not rub cream, this is harmattan. The aunties that tone, this is harmattan. If you do not moisturise properly during the harmattan season, you may end up looking whitish, ashy or greyish and a typical mess. Back as kids, to spite people who do not moisturise during harmattan, we say to them, “uguru (harmattan) says to greet you”. Na so fights day take the start. As a child, that thing can pain. That’s by the way. Get yourself a good moisturiser or add some oil to your lightening cream. Don’t be a walking mess, no one wants to look at your terrible dry and cracked skin this period. Bad as e bad, buy petroleum jelly, or ori.

3. Drink Enough Water:

Drinking water will help you stay hydrated and helps keep your skin moist. This will reduce the chances of looking ashy. And help you beat dry throats which a lot of people experience during harmattan. Biko, there’s a world of difference between water and Fanta or Bigi Tropical. Drink water, not carbonated drinks.

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4. Have your Handkerchief Handy:

I forget my handkerchief. You forget your handkerchief. We all forget our handkerchiefs. In harmattan, this is something to avoid. Especially if you don’t have a ride. Maka dust biko, go with your handkerchief at all times. You may need to dust a chair, wipe some dust off of your shirt or trousers, your handkerchief comes to the rescue.

5. Invest in Caps and Sunglasses:

Invest in a good fez cap and at least a pair of sunglasses. Again, especially if you don’t own  a ride. Everywhere is literally dusty during the harmattan. You don’t want to arrive work with your hair dusty or your lashes brown as earth. Buy a fez cap or any hat that can cover your head from dust and as well as match your outfit. Wear sunglasses to shield you from dust while jumping from one bus to another en route work. If you climb bikes, fez caps and sunglasses is a must-have.

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6. Remember to Close Windows and Doors:

I know you love some fresh air. I know your room or house needs to be ventilated. But, are you ready to be cleaning and dusting every day after a stressful day at work? And if you don’t dust, can you stay in the dust which will make your house stuffy? You choose. Let’s not forget the cold. So, when you leave the house, close your doors and windows. Allow your fan and AC do the work of ventilation. Don’t battle dust inside your own house. Not after the battle with dust on the streets. Choice a struggle biko.

7. Be Mindful of Colours that Attract Dust:

Certain colours don’t work during the harmattan. It’s a risk to try white or pink. You won’t know the difference between you and the dust you walk on if you risk it. Black is another big fat no. Choose your outfit wisely. Avoid at all cost colours that attract dust.

Just because most girls use lip gloss and lipstick. I will suggest lip balm for our brothers. Buy a good lip balm and say no to cracked lips. You can decide to be “a man” and dump the lip balm after the harmattan. For now, treat your body nice and live through the harmattan in peace.

What other things do you do to prepare for harmattan? Share with us?

*sings along to Victor AD’s wetin we gain*

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