Eat Healthy

Eating Healthy: 5 Tips to Guide You by Chef Daniel

One of the questions I get asked the most is, “how do you manage to stay in shape despite being a foodpreneur?” Lol.

Eating Healthy

Firstly, I would like to say I have never been on the big side. Fat no day my blood. Also, I’d say eating healthy is something I take very seriously and it has also helped me stay healthy.

Eating healthy is not something miraculous. It takes practice, consistency and determination like every other thing we do. It’s also okay to default at some points. There are times when I crave a lot of junk food. Even as I type this, I desperately want to have shawarma or pizza. But you know na — students gats manage.

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Today, I will be sharing tips on how we can eat healthy with you. Sit tight, enjoy and please leave a comment.

1. Eat Fruits and Vegetables:

This has to come first because I feel and I know this can’t be overemphasized. Seriously, our body goes through a lot without our knowing. Vegetables and fruits help repair whatever is worn out in our body. I know some of us can’t even remember when last we bought fruits for ourselves or maybe we think we are still young to start eating healthy. START TAKING FRUITS NOW.

2. Cut Down on Sugar:

A lot of what we eat daily (especially Nigerian favourites) contains carbohydrates which end up as glucose in our system. So, why add more sugar to your system? Sugary foods, if eaten too much can lead to weight gain, acne, increase skin ageing process, obesity and in extreme cases heart diseases.

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3. Don’t Skip Breakfast:

Breakfast is something I try my best not to skip. No matter what’s going on at that moment. Eating breakfast helps to kick-start our day and burn calories all through the day. Why skip it?

4. Drink Water:

My friends will tell you “Daniel na Papi water”. I don’t joke with my water. I go as far as having a water bottle by my bedside. And even while I work, the water bottle is handy. Studies show that drinking water before meals helps in reducing appetite and calorie intake. People who drink water instead of carbonated drinks and alcohol are said to consume 200 fewer calories per day.

Eating Healthy

5. Eat the Right Portion:

Eating the right portion is eating healthy. Don’t go taking everything in the pot just because you feel you are capable of it. Or because say hunger don wire you wella that day. I am a huge fan of eating the right portion. Nothing too small and nothing too much. I know it’s going to be hard for some of us. But it’s worth trying. Anything to stay healthy, right?

Lastly, you don’t need to start all of these at the same time. It can be overwhelming that way. And your chances of defaulting increases. Take your time, and go at your own pace. Be consistent!

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Chef Daniel Oghene Ochuko is the Head Chef DKB Foods. Reach out to order your soups, stews, sauces, cakes and pastries.

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