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10 Christmas Dishes Ideas by Chef Daniel

Yaaaaazzz. Christmas is around the corner fam. I can smell the Christmas dishes.

Christmas Dishes

The Christmas holiday is one holiday everyone looks forward to. It often doesn’t matter if the one is a Christian or not.

Come on, this is one time to build Christmas trees and make some other Christmas decor. That alone could be fun on its own. Then the opportunity to meet with family (nuclear and extended). Some of us only get to do this only around the Christmas period. There are also a few childhood friends who may have returned home for Christmas to meet. The trip to the village (to meet our dear village people) is always fun. Lol. Then the events. White weddings and traditional weddings seem to happen every day. Then the Christmas dishes, uhmm, my fave. Lol.

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For me, Christmas is that time of the year to lose some home training. We can’t be good all year round na, lol. And if you are obsessed with good food as I am, you sure must have been tired of the usual Christmas dishes — same meals and the same drinks, all year. So, to ensure that you make better Christmas dishes, today I will be sharing some Christmas meal ideas to spice up our holiday. Thank me later *winks*

1. Jollof Rice

Christmas Dishes


This has come to stay. You can never go wrong with jollof rice in a Nigerian home. And what are all the events without a decent plate of jollof? To make that Christmas jollof, check out my previous post 5 Tips to Make Yummy Jollof Rice.

2. Fried Rice

Christmas Dishes

Who doesn’t like a perfectly made fried rice? With all the colours from the vegetable popping and its delish taste.

3. Moi Moi

Christmas Dishes

It is not only tasty. It is also healthy and is a perfect combo for our first two meals on the list. So, you should try it out.

4. Fruitcakes

Christmas Dishes

I don’t know how, but somehow fruitcakes have come to stay for Christmas and it’s never a bad option to serve your guest when they visit. Nobody says no to cake huh huh.

5. Chapman

Christmas Dishes

Harmattan is here and we tend to get more thirsty than usual. For those who don’t want to constantly drink water, Chapman is a better option to carbonated drink. And it’s best served chilled.

6. Pepper Soup

Christmas Dishes

As an appetizer before the main meal, pepper soup is definitely a good option. Serve your guest a plate of pepper soup and a glass of Chapman while the main meal is cooking. *winks*

7. Asun

For people who like meat(especially goat meat) as I do. Choi! It’s an amazing starter you should add to your Christmas dishes menu. A little tip — asun goes well with pancakes. Try it out!

8. Ofada Sauce

Christmas Dishes

This list won’t be complete without this favourite of mine. A perfectly bleached oil, peppers and locusts beans with any protein of your choice and you’re fine and good to go.

9. Banga Soup

Christmas Dishes

I know I said ofada is my favourite, but truth is, it’s actually my second favourite. Banga soup has been my favourite for a long time and nothing is changing that anytime soon. A nicely cooked banga soup with assorted meat, fish and all kinds of protein won’t be a bad idea for your guest this Christmas. And if you are from Delta state like myself, then you can add starch to it. #delish

10. Puff Puff

Christmas Dishes

Show me a Nigerian that does not know or like puff puff, and I will show you a Nigerian that needs prayers. Lol. While waiting for the main dish, puff puff can also be served alongside the Chapman.

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Did I miss something? Definitely not! I’m sure you may have a different idea of what Christmas dishes to serve this year. I want to know, share your thoughts in the comments section. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year in advance! Xoxo

Chef Daniel Oghene Ochuko is the Head Chef DKB Foods. Reach out to order your soups, stews, sauces, cakes and pastries.

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