Merry Christmas

A Lonely Christmas can be Merry

What does Christmas mean to you? What makes Christmas special for you? Have you had a lonely Christmas before? No, never?

Merry Christmas

I thought so too, until today. I saw it coming. But it never dawned on me how lonely it will get. It’s a thing – lonely Christmas.

This would be my first ever Christmas away from home. A part of me wanted it. I felt there was a need to experience Christmas differently. Besides, at home Christmas wasn’t all that spectacular. It was the slaughter of innocent fowls for some years and turkey for other years. And plenty beef and goat meat for other years. Then awesome Christmas stew and soup (most times bitter leaf or egusi)

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We all usually spend Xmas together, eating, drinking, playing games, watching movies, sleeping. It’s always a family bonding time. But these happen on other days too. So, I didn’t see the reasons for the drama around this time of the year.

But, I found myself crying last night. And this morning too, I cried. It’s a lonely Christmas people. I’m left with feelings of nostalgia and memories of yesteryears and wondering exactly why it never occurred to me how valuable Christmas is. And why people attach so much to it.

Merry Christmas

Now, I have clarity. People yearn for love. Christmas is no longer just about the celebration of the birth of Christ. It’s about people pausing to forget their worries; the stress of a job; the frustration from a whole year and focusing on friends and family – to share love; be together and merry.

I wonder how other people who are alone and away from loved once deal with having a lonely Christmas. How does it feel? Is it about the nostalgic feeling that got me teared up? Is there something else? A friend listened to a podcast I did and mentioned that he won’t feel lonely if he spends Christmas away from home. And I’m wondering what makes Christmas lonely for people. The absence of loved once or something else I can’t wrap my head around?

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Have you had a lonely Christmas? How did it feel? Have you ever reached out to someone having a lonely Christmas? How did that feel? What do y’all do to make sure you don’t have a lonely Christmas? Does it work? I need these answers.

And if you are alone this Christmas, know that I am rooting for you. I care. And I love you. Lonely Christmas is a thing. Make the best outta what you got.

I wish you and yours A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year in advance. xoxo

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