Set goals

How to Achieve Your 2019 Set Goals

Goals? Do I need to set goals? Why do I need to set goals? Haven’t I done enough goal setting in my life and yet my life isn’t all that? These and more questions could be going on in your mind right now.

Set goals

But what if you don’t set goals right?

After publishing the posts about why new year’s resolutions don’t work, a friend reached out to say that it works for him. That will make him the only person I know it works for. While I do not advocate against new year’s resolutions, I’m obsessed with results. Since it doesn’t work for me, I’m all out for something that works. And goal setting does.

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Why Set Goals?


Goals give your life some focus and vision. You have something to wake up to; something to live for. Goals give you short-term motivation. When you set goals, it helps you focus on what matters, acquire the right knowledge and resources that will help you make the most out of your life.


When you set goals, you tend to be more confident. When your goals are sharp and clearly defined, you can easily measure your achievement and know how best to make progress. You have no idea how this helps your confidence level.

You may have other reasons for which you set goals. But this two works for me.

Set goals

We are getting into a new year, give or take, the first week at work may be focused on your boss reminding you the goals and vision of your organisation. It may also involve planning goals for the year 2019. On your part you could be wondering how to make your life work in 2019. Your answers could be hidden in setting SMART goals.

SMART is short for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-sensitive.

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These 5 factors must be considered before you set goals that you genuinely want to achieve.


“I want a happy life” is not a goal. Neither is, “I want to lose weight.” The question is, “what exactly do you want to achieve?” Do you know? You have to find out. Instead of just wanting to lose weight, you can be specific about how many pounds you intend to lose. You can also come from the aspect of how many hours of exercise you want to give. Once you have done this, determine what challenges could keep you away from your goals, then make concrete plans to get around them.


Can you measure the goals you set? If you can’t measure your set goals, you won’t know when you have made progress. Let’s say you have decided to save up a specific amount by the end of 2019. Let’s take ₦60,000.00 for an instance. It will involve saving ₦5,000.00 every month to achieve and ₦1250 weekly. This way you have broken the goal into small and doable chunks. You can easily measure when you have made progress by saving the right amount weekly, monthly and subsequently at the end of the year.

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I’m sure you must have heard that your dreams should scare you. While, I’m all up for being our best selves, I still believe we should be rational. Avoid what my friend, Joel will call dreaming amiss. Set goals that you can achieve. Do you have the skills and the right resources to achieve your goals? Can you afford to get the resources within the set time? Don’t build castles in the air. Tell yourself some home truth, be real to your self, forget #instafams and set goals that you can accomplish. The goals should stretch you, however. But if it’s too scary for you, you may abandon the goals, wetin you go come gain?


Are your goals relevant? Before that, what is your why? Why did you decide to lose weight? Why did you decide to save money? Why? Is the skill you want to learn relevant? Do not set goals that are not relevant to what you want to achieve.


When you set goals, determine the time limit. You see the goals you have set for 2019, you have to break them down into small chunks. Break them down into daily activities, weekly activities, monthly activities. And then decide on which date you must have achieved the goals. “I want to gain 5 pounds by 11 August 2019, that’s how your goals should be.

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Before you run off to set goals, pause and really think about your life and what you want. Are the goals your goals or your spouse’s (fill in with parents’, friends’, boss’ or whoever it could be)? Does it really matter to you to achieve those goals? If you set goals that do not matter for you, then you may not be able to achieve them.

Let’s do better in 2019. I wish you all the Best.

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