2019: 12 Things to Leave Behind in 2018

Consider this a rant. I just want to point out a few things that should end in 2019.


These are a few things that happened in 2018 that shouldn’t be happening. Things that we all should put a stop to in 2019. Listen to the podcast I did on the topic.

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1. Dumb Giveaways

A lot of us have our account numbers littered on social media influencers pages and profiles all in the name of giveaways. Y’all should stop asking people to drop their account numbers as comments while you pick a number of people at random to give a specified amount. Or the habit of asking people to talk about what a particular amount of money can do for them while you pick whoever damn pleases you. Biko, that should end in 2019.

2. Free Jobs

Biko, this particular one is annoying AF. How do you live with yourself when you constantly request free jobs from creatives? Miss me with the fact that you will give publicity or that you are friends with the creative person. Pay for the services you request for. Requesting for free jobs is an act of wickedness. That should end in 2019.


3. Toxic Friendship

For the love of Christ, if you are in a toxic friendship or relationship, leave. This is a note to self cos I’m in a friendship that is becoming draining. I can’t continue dragging the horse around in 2019. I think you shouldn’t too.

4. Setting relationship goals on social media while you are choking on someone’s bull crap, in reality, should end in 2019.

There’s no more to say about this. Just be sure you ain’t the side chick or side cock while fronting a picture perfect relationship on Instagram.

5. Stop Giving Unsolicited Advice

It is a Nigeria thing to give unsolicited advice. Oga elder brother, aunty elder sister, older relatives, and friends please giving unsolicited advice should end in 2019. Don’t have an opinion about my hair; my lifestyle; my choice of partner or whatsoever. If I didn’t ask for your opinion, don’t give it. And please, when advice comes, sift through, pick what works for you and run along.

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6. Forwarding Message

I’m sure you know that WhatsApp does aproko. Each time you forward a message, I know. How do you even forward me a Christmas message or a birthday message? Really? For 2019, stop. No broadcast messages, no forwarded messages.

7. Dumping “Hi” or “Hello” on people’s DM

If you find someone interesting on social media and decide to slide in their DM, do more than just saying “hi” or “hello”. Kick off a conversation, say why you messaged. It’s worse if you do this on LinkedIn. Let’s end this in 2019.

8. Stop Believing Everything on your TL

Especially on twitter. Don’t believe everything you see on social media hook, line and sinker. That will be making yourself a dim wit. Do your personal research and findings.


9. Shaming People

Slut shaming is one of the many annoying things that still happen in 2018. Let’s not continue with this stupidity in 2019. Asides from slut shaming, don’t shame people’s culture, beliefs, religion, and don’t shame feminists. Every form of shaming should end in 2019. Our world is getting more sensitive, let’s pay attention to this.

10. Movie Spoilers

Don’t come to social media to write crap about movies just because you saw it before the rest of us. Allow us to go to the cinema and have our own version of terrible experience seeing the movies we love. Stop playing messiah by giving movie spoilers. That should end in 2019.

11. Terrible Treatment at Work

I have had a terrible experience at work and know how it feels. Employers, treat your staff with a little more respect. Employees don’t take the trash in 2019. Leave when it becomes unbearable. Nothing should threaten your mental wellness.

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12. Am

How do you use “am” without the pronoun “I”? That rubbish should end in 2019. This has been over flogged already. But some of us, don’t just listen.

What did I miss from the list? I certainly want to know your thoughts. Add in the comments. Season’s Greetings.

Victor Ugoo Njoku

I am human. I love life. I learn as much as I can every day and share the knowledge on my blog.

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