5 Ways to Deal with Procrastination

This procrastination table I want to shake, I’m having one of the biggest dinners on it.


My life in a bit —

Me: I will wake by 6:30 am, write an article or make drafts at least, have breakfast, check emails and social media blah blah blah.

What really happens

Me: Wakes by 6:12 am, remembers the pictures I recently posted on social media and the fact that people may have commented, turns on my data, burns 3 hours plus on social media, eat breakfast, calls Joel (complain that I failed to write as planned) and back to social media. Writes at night if I ever do write.

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Is your life similar to this? Do you push away important tasks for the future while you settle with doing the unimportant or less important tasks? Just 5 minutes to check Instagram and you are knee deep in the next 2 hours? Procrastination is something a lot of us do. It is believed that as much as 95 per cent of the world, procrastinate at some point.

Aha, you are not alone. But deep down, you know procrastination affects your productivity. You have to stop. I want to stop pushing off important things too. I can mention a lot of things I have had to lose because I didn’t get back to work earlier. So, on this journey to stopping procrastination, I sincerely wish that you join me. That’s why I will share with you tips I just found out can help us stop procrastination. Leggo.


1. Dedicate the First 30 minutes of the Day to Work

Easier said than done. You will agree with me that connecting to social media once one wakes up is cool. That way you catch up on the gists you may have missed the previous day. But this is not exactly productive, especially if your work isn’t dependent on being active online. So, I will say to you, dedicate the first 30 minutes of your day to work. I personally tend to write better when I do that first thing in the morning. I know other writers who are like that too. Besides, if you can pull off working at a task for 30 minutes and not get distracted or be able to resist the distractions, you most likely will get through the day beating procrastination.

2. Shun Distractions

Best believe, I made a sarcastic yawn after typing this. I thought of all the things that distract me and the possibility of shunning them. How will I beat procrastination if I don’t get to fight off distractions? Dear, if we are going to get a hold on procrastination, there’s the need to find out some of the things that distract us. Talk about movies, games, social media (narrow it down to the ones you visit more often) etc… Truth is, if you are able to resist the temptation first thing in the morning, it will still come back later in the day. But the ability to resist the distraction for even the shortest periods will increase the possibility of subsequently resisting the distractions.

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3. Be Imperfect

The quest for perfection can get us stuck in dealing with a necessary task. It could be an attempt to wish off the task. Procrastination is most times, an attempt to avoid the tasks ahead. It could be fear of failure, or even the fear of success (that is a thing too) or just maybe because the one is a perfectionist, or have imposter syndrome. You see that thesis, it won’t write itself. That script gotta be written. The graphics design, you will have to do it. It doesn’t matter how much procrastination you do. So, instead of waiting for the perfect time, you might as well start now. Start working with the Imperfect ideas. Understand that it can’t even be perfect, anyhow you try. Get to work.


4. Get More Organised

If you are to beat procrastination, get more organised. Make detailed plans of what you intend to do at the end of every day. Use a to-do list. Make sure to include a specific time to get done with the tasks on the to-do list. Biko, don’t write a long list of wishes and jam-pack a lot of tasks into one day. You will even get too scared you will end up having one of those “today, I don’t feel like doing anything” days. Try to stick to your plans and schedule as much as you can.

5. Celebrate Your Wins

Give yourself a high five with every stride you make. Celebrate your ability to do the tasks at hand early enough and at the right time. Pat yourself at the back for beating procrastination any time you are able to do so. Celebrate your wins. 💪💪

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Have you ever battled with procrastination? How did you pull through? Do you battle procrastination? Did you find these tips useful? Share your thoughts in the comments section. Share with friends too. I wish you a Great 2019.

P.S: I checked social media in between writing this post. That’s how bad my procrastination is. But we are going to work through this together, yeah?

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