Legacy: A Fashion Commentary on Classics


Quick questions, please?


What are you wearing? Why are you wearing that? Is it an expression of your individuality; your values; your love for details or more? Oh, you never thought of those?

Let me help you.

Patek Philippe’s generational adverts have this line, “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.”

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What fashion piece(s) did the older generation leave for you? Do you realise how much you rock those fashion pieces “ignorant” of their values? From the plain tees to the court shoes to the Ankara pieces – timeless fashion pieces you own. Not necessary handed down by a father or a mother, but still picked up from the previous generation.

What are you leaving the next generation?


Trends? Fashion pieces that are hybrids of various cultures? A collection that you own merely because of the influence of pop culture? Perhaps, a collection that you have zero attachment to? You may want to stop looking at those trousers of yours. Don’t be uncomfortable, the flowery vintage shirt is cool. And I am not going to talk about your hair, so chill.

But answer, what are you leaving the next generation?


Our parents were deliberate, when it comes to their choice of clothes. They knew that every fashion piece reflects individuality; one’s values; the purpose for which the outfit is worn; time and season; one’s economic class; and they paid attention to all of these.


Yes, they were trends and influences. I will argue that those aren’t as much and persistent as is in our present day global village where the pace of fashion seems to be largely determined by trends. I’m sure that we can, however, be intentional about what clothes we throw on our back; what fashion pieces we acquire and possibly look after for the next generation.


Carry on!

Legacy is the Collective N’ Co debut editorial. Collective N’ Co is a collaborative hub for outbox creative.

Legacy is a fashion commentary on CLASSICS — a style that outlives trends.


The Legacy editorial puts a momentary pause on the fashion race which constantly injects unsolicited and undocumented cultures into our society.

Legacy editorial looked at what clothes meant and the art of wearing them beyond the prices and other influences.


The editorial achieved this by putting two separate generations into this judgements. Considering the lessons passed; details observed; art acknowledged; style on point and confidence in check. Then, commenting on some of the vital lifestyle of this culture like Corporate, Tropicana etc.






Whispering Palms, Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria.


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