Leadership in Transformation by Gracious Ogoun

Leadership cannot be defined in simple terms because it has so many components. Leadership has a myriad of traits and an effective and ethical leader must embody a combination of these traits that would make people motivated to follow his/her direction.

Don Martin in his book ‘Tram Think” says a leader’s success can be judged by his ability to recognize his functions as a leader and performing them. This I would say involves a leader demonstrating a clear understanding of leadership and management. People do not want to be managed, they want to be led so they could also lead others. More so, resources are meant to be managed effectively.

The leadership magazine points at being a good leader, steps to take at being not just a leader, but a leader who leads other team members in the right way with the aim of achieving a goal.

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The four key factors for success;

  1. Pressure for change
  2. A clear and shared vision
  3. Capacity for change
  4. Action.

Charles Darwin said, “It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones who are most responsive to change”. Change is one of the most important things a leader must encounter and a good leader is spotted on how he/she reacts to these changes, a positive or negative reaction, will either grow the organization or become its doom, and will make or mar your relationship with others.

Another important thing a leader should take note of is to always carry his team members along. As a leader, feeling like you know it all, not being able to accept external ideas and criticisms and only forcing your team to do according to your biding will destroy your relationship with them and more likely destroy your work. Learn to share your thoughts and ideas with the rest of your team, that way they feel they are a part of the team thus enhancing their productivity.

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Successful leadership should not be confused with power and authority, having all that only scares people away, but leadership should be about making the company and its members complete allocated tasks and produce acceptable results at the same time, achieved by working as a team to meet up with deadlines.

A good leader would place values on what’s most important, should also have mapped out strategies to making things placed under him/her work seamlessly and efficiently.

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