Rainy Season

7 Fashion Essentials For The Rainy Season

The rainy season is my best season of the year. And I’m glad it’s that time of the year again.

Rainy Season

One of the best memories of my childhood was standing by the window to watch it rain. For a lot of people my age, theirs could be running around in the rain. Growing up, that was completely ruled out. Staying by the window was the only way to take in the rain and watch children from other compounds play across the street.

Suffice it to mean that I love the rainy season. My adult self still pauses in between work to watch the rain. It could be annoying to cancel an appointment because it rains. I know it hurts to be caught up in the rain. And if you are in Lagos, after the rain comes scarcity of public transport and the hike in price. With the bad roads in most part of Nigeria, walking after it rains puts you at the risk of being soiled, or splashed by reckless and inconsiderate drivers.

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What to do? 🤷Well, since another rainy season is here, you should be ready. It’s simple, check your wardrobe to be sure you have all you need to go by the rainy season.

What do you need for the rainy season?

Rainy Season


This is stating the obvious. But a reminder won’t hurt. I won’t rule out the fact that men regard umbrella as a feminine thing. Umbrella is the basic tool with which to shelter yourself during this rainy season. And the rain doesn’t care if you are male or female. You may need an umbrella for that short walk from your car to the conference room. You don’t want to arrive in anyway drenched. You may need an umbrella to walk up to your Uber and certainly need one while waiting for a bus at the bus stop. Get foldable ones for convenience. You can use umbrellas that match your outfit.


The rain most times come with a cold. Sweatshirts are your best bet when that happens. Yes, you can still be stylish in your sweatshirts. You can get hoodies especially if you do not like the idea of umbrellas. Whatsoever you do, make sure you have at least 3 sweatshirts, so you can easily switch up your looks during this rainy season. And to allow each sweatshirt dry well before the next use.

Rainy Season


I will start by saying that the days are gone when only women use scarves. Men use them and look good. Hopefully, we get around to talking about how men can rock scarves. For now, let’s focus on the rainy season. Scarves help to protect your neck area and keep it warm. Scarves are stylish too and can make you stand out when properly used.

Beanies and Shower Caps

Ladies, you will need these. I’m sure you don’t want the rainy season to be a reason to get to work with your hair wet. That would leave you a bit distracted because you will most likely be worried about how to dry the hair. Not forgetting the discomfort. Throw on a beanie or a shower cap to protect your hair. Have one in your handbag all the time, you never can tell when it will rain.

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Rubber Phone Cases

I don’t know what material your phone cases are made of. But you need one or two made of rubber for the rainy season. If you don’t have a phone case already, now is the time to buy nice rubber phone cases. You can’t risk your phone getting wet this period.

Dark Coloured Bottoms

Yes to dressing in bright colours. Yes to looking stylish. But for the rainy season, you may have to embrace darker colours for your bottoms – palazzos, pants, skirts, etc. Why dark colours? They hide stains and wetness. You definitely won’t love to walk around the office wet. With dark colours, you can be wet and no one knows. Ladies, knee lengths and midi outfits are better options for this season. The brothers, you will have to deal with your pants, but in darker colours.

Rainy Season

Good Shoes

I would have said, push back your leather and wear rubber shoes all through the rainy season. That will be easier for the ladies as there are lots of fancies, affordable and office-ready female shoes. What about guys? I can’t say the same. Hence, I’d suggest you invest in affordable good leather shoes this season. Boots are preferable if you can work them into your corporate wears. Have a pair of Crocs in your bag; you may need them one of the days. You can’t trust Nigeria roads.

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If I were you, I’d start getting ready for the rainy season. It already has started raining and would get more intense over time.

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