5 Myths About Starting a Side Hustle

One thing with buzzwords, they come and go. But side hustle, unlike other buzzwords, is here to stay.

Side hustle

And more and more people are starting side hustles every day. Come on, a babe gotta secure the bag, no time to rely on a man. Bro gotta raise enough money to chill with the boys, especially since the main salary goes into kid sibs school fees.

Need I define what side hustle is? For the purpose of this piece, a side hustle will include every extra income outside your full-time job. So that 30 minutes spent making the sketches you were paid for counts. Then the graphics design. Perhaps the website you just helped your friend to set up, for which he paid.

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Many people start side hustles mainly to supplement the monthly salary or income. To others, side hustle is a passion project – a way to invest time in projects that makes their lives meaningful. Just like every other concept, there are lots of myths around side hustles. How about we bust some of them. Leggo!

1. Anything can be turned into a side hustle: You may have heard this countless times. But this is bad advice. A niche can be created for almost anything. But what’s the end game for creating a niche that isn’t viable. Truth is, some skills are more easily monetised than others. And if you want to start a side hustle, focus on those skills. Especially if you need the money real quick.

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2. Everyone should have a side hustle: I always give a side eye to people who say this. The entrepreneurial life isn’t for everyone. The side hustle waka is still not for everyone. It doesn’t even matter if they are struggling and really need the money. One can attain financial independence without relying on side hustles. The fact that it worked for you doesn’t mean it will work for everyone.

3. Every side hustle must become the main hustle: Hey God! I can’t even deal. Side hustles do grow into the main hustle, granted. But it doesn’t always mean that every side hustle must become the main hustle. What if your side hustle is working with an NGO? You quit your job and start an NGO? What if you don’t want to start a full-time business but love the money that comes from the side hustle? It’s good to always think about expansion and growth. But it won’t always come from a side gig.

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4. You need all the time in the world: Well time is money. If you are looking to make money from any hustle, you will have to put time into it. The time you will put in is within the 24 hours you already have from your day. If it is worth it, you will create that time. “When the heart is willing, it finds a thousand ways…” they say. Trust me, it won’t take as much time as you fear it would.

5. You don’t have a tribe: This is the same thing as saying that nobody wants what you will offer. Demand for certain services or perhaps products could be slow. It doesn’t rule out the fact that there are people who need what you have to offer. Do your research well, be sure that there’s the need for what you are offering, package your product and then sell. Your tribe could be lurking in a Facebook group, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media platforms. You can start talking to offline contacts too.

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If you need the money and the thrill from side hustles, you gotta put in the work. But you don’t just dive in without preparations. I hope that we are able to bust the myths keeping you from launching your own side hustle. Let’s go make some money!

Victor Ugoo Njoku

I am human. I love life. I learn as much as I can every day and share the knowledge on my blog.

7 thoughts to “5 Myths About Starting a Side Hustle”

  1. You make some valid points. Not everyone is ready for side hustles and researching and preparing is key.

  2. I love that you mentioned that every side hustle must become the main hustle. That’s exactly what I did. I was working for a local firm as a Content Writer, but later resigned to take my part-time hustle full-time. Best decision I’ve made since.

  3. Great points! Another thing to remember is side hustles don’t always have to be something you’re passionate about. It can just be a side job that brings in extra money when you’re struggling financially.

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