4 Reasons to Start Side Hustles

These days people don’t just start a side hustle as an extra source of income. To a lot of people, it’s a lifestyle.

Like I pointed out in an earlier blog, a side hustle include every activity that brings in extra income outside your full-time job. Sometimes, side hustles can grow to become the main business. Other times it is what it is – a side hustle.

Side hustles are mostly borne out of passion. People who engage in side hustles often channel efforts into other things they find interesting asides their jobs. Other times, it is borne out of the need to supplement the monthly income. People are also turning side hustles into a lifestyle. These are people who make their entire income from doing several side hustles.

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With all the rave about side hustles, some people still wonder if it is necessary to start one. And if you are in this category, these are reasons to start a side hustle:

1. Money: This is like stating the obvious. Money is a big reason to start a side hustle. And that doesn’t make you greedy or desperate. If you are going to spend 30 minutes or more of your time in pursuit of your passion, it sure should bring in money. The money mustn’t be big enough to make you a billionaire. But in a world where making more money doesn’t go out of style, you need as much money as you can get. Come to think of it, salary increment hardly happens and when it does, it is always little. Add the fact that the cost of living keeps increasing. There’s that Dubai trip to make, that investment won’t make itself, your side hustle can be the source of income to fund your fantasy lifestyle. Or at least get you close to it.

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2. You Will Discover Talents and Passion You Never Knew You Had: See ehn, when you begin a side hustle, you will be surprised at how talented you really are. You will be amazed that you had it in you. I remember the first side gig I got after my university education. My first task was to find out how much an art piece made by a Kenyan artist was and how it could be sent to my client. First, I didn’t know the said artist, I was seeing his work for the first time. He has a Facebook profile that he hasn’t updated for years and no account on other social media platforms, no website. Ghen ghen, what to do? I called my elder brother who informed me about the gig to say that it was beyond me. I can’t come and kill myself na. But after the pep talk he gave, I settled to get the job done. I was able to get the info hours before the deadline. Don’t ask how I did that. But that was just the start, as I had done a few more tasks I ordinarily didn’t believe I could handle. 2 years of working as a Virtual Assistant has taught me that I can do a lot more than I can imagine. Your side hustle will do the same to you.

3. You Will Learn New Skills: Once I heard this lady talking about all the things she’d learnt from her side hustles. She went ahead to add that she’s sure her resume will always stand out if she decides to send out applications for regular jobs. I was really impressed, even though I couldn’t understand it at the time. I didn’t ask questions either cos she wasn’t really addressing me. As a side hustler, take it or leave it, you are an entrepreneur. Over time, you will learn how to properly charge for your service; how to hunt more gigs; how to meet deadlines; how to properly document your efforts and properly measure progress. You will get better at whatsoever service you offer. This will reflect at work too and you will definitely get better at your main job. Which means you can easily get promoted or get a raise.

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4. Networking: Having side hustles is an easy way to network. Once you begin a side hustle, you will be surprised how you begin to meet other people who offer the same service(s) as you do. Then you also meet clients and get referrals. Side hustles give you networking opportunities on a platter of gold. You don’t really have to try so much. Do I need to mention how important it is to network? Talk for another day, maybe.

Why aren’t you thinking of starting a side hustle? It’s not for you? Right! As much having a side hustle can be good for your personal, financial and professional growth, it is not for everyone. There’s no need lying about that. And if you really think, you are equal to it, then try it out. Good luck!

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