“BathKandy Started as a Result of a Personal Struggle with Allergies…” Blondie Okpuzor

BathKandy founded in 2014 is an environmentally friendly, skin loving, beauty preserving, artisan bath and body company. BathKandy creates sumptuous dessert inspired beauty treats, utilizing unconventional raw materials such as garri and chocolate, infused into beauty and skincare products. Blondie Okpuzor, the CEO of BathKandy graduated with a B.Sc. in Business Management and Sociology from […]

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PS Nutrac

Soil Less Farming: A Chat with Samson Ogbole, Co-founder PS Nutrac

Soilless farming is the system of agriculture which involves growing trees, flowers, vegetables, and other plants without using soil. Soilless farming boosts root hair growth. The system of farming also protects plants against earthworms and other pests. In Nigeria, PS Nutrac is leading the soil less farming movement. Aeroponics is one of the most recent […]

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Youngpearl Organisation

Abigail Okpebholo Started Youngpearl Organisation Because Her Mother Couldn’t Pursue Her Own Dreams

Abigail Okpebholo is a graduate of Microbiology from Delta State University, Abraka, Delta State. While growing up, she discovered her mother didn’t pursue her dream of being a nurse. It turns out her mother was made to believe that her education ends in the kitchen and was unimportant. The discovery made Abigail decide that she […]

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Made in Nigeria Products: Entrepreneurs Talk Experience with Customers

Just like every other part of the world, there has been an increase in the number of entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Entrepreneurs who discover new markets or try to enter already existing markets. One thing disturbs these entrepreneurs, Nigerians perception of the Made in Nigeria products. This doesn’t undermine the challenges from the poor and irregular […]

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